Attaching the Constrictor to Your Rifle

Dec 7th 2020

The Constrictor attaches to your rifle just like any other sling.  Quick detach (QD) sling swivels are generally the best solution but require a swivel socket to use.  Many AR-15 forearms ha … read more

Other Uses of the Constrictor

Nov 27th 2020

Please read our article, How to Use The Constrictor.  It explains the primary use of the Constrictor, as a shooting aid.  It works in conjunction with your favorite tactical sling to le … read more

Shooting With Slings

Nov 23rd 2020

Slings are holsters for rifles. They are simply a strap connected to opposite ends of the firearm that allows the user to carry it and leave their hands free.Col. Jeff Cooper of Gunsite fame wrote an … read more

How to Use the Constrictor

Nov 23rd 2020

How to Use the ConstrictorIf you haven’t already done so, check out our blog post labelled Shooting with Slings. It will give some background and perspective on using slings to increase your accuracy … read more