Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

1. What slings do the Constrictor work with?

The Constrictor is intended for use only with two-point quick-adjust rifle slings.  It has been tested on both Captive Adjustment slider-type tactical slings as well as Non-Captive Adjustment tactical slings that have a "tail."  We have tested and verified that it works with the Magpul MS1, MS3, and MS4, Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Application Sling (VCAS), Edgar Sherman Designs sling and Ferro Concepts Slingster Captive Adjustment slings.  We recommend our Tensioner when using the Constrictor in conjunction with the VCAS and Magpul MS series slings.  It is not necessary on the other mentioned slings.  

For Non-Captive Adjustment slings, the Constrictor works with the Viking Tactics (VTAC) sling utilizing both the metal ALICE-type buckle and plastic Ladderloc.  

Due to construction style, the Constrictor does NOT work with the Sheriff of Bagdad B-Sling. 

2. How is the Constrictor installed? 

Captive Adjustment Slings:

1.  With the rifle slung properly around your support arm and head, let the rifle hang hands free in a safe, muzzle down direction.

2.  Attach the Constrictor to your rifle's forend.  

3.  Slide the sling hook over the first layer of the sling, directly behind the slider.

4.  Adjust the slider to your preferred sling length.  

5.  Put your arm through the loop and begin shooting.  

Non-Captive Adjustment Slings:

1.  Wearing the sling, let it hang hands free in a safe, muzzle down direction.

2.  Attach the Constrictor to your rifle's forend. 

3.  Slide the sling hook over the webbing in front of the adjustment buckle.

4.  Adjust the sling to your preferred length.

5.  Put your arm through the loop and begin shooting. 

When using either type of sling, it is recommended that you adjust the length of the Constrictor so that it works with any shooting position you are likely to use.  Utilize the sling's adjustment to adjust the size of the loop.  Marking your positions on the sling with a paint pen make adjusting your sling quick and painless.  Adjust your sling to the chosen position, loop up, and shoot! 

3.  Where do I store the Constrictor when not in use?

  • For quick use, the included keeper allows the Constrictor to be pre-staged on Captive Slider-type slings.  Doing this requires that the sling not have sewn ends that prevent disassembly of the slider.  Take the sling webbing out of the slider and place the keeper behind the slider and reassemble.  Z-fold the Constrictor to the sling held in place by the keeper.  Install the sling hook behind the slider. 
  • The Constrictor can also be stored on the rifle using a sling keeper-type device.  Attach the free end of the the Constrictor to the handguard via your attachment method of choice and Z-fold the rest under the sling keeper.  You are ready to install at a moment's notice.
  • If the Constrictor being installed does not bother you for other tasks, install it and leave it in place on the sling.
  • Stick it in a pocket or pouch until you're ready to use it. 

4.  How is the Constrictor attached to the rifle?  

You will need some sort of attachment hardware, such as a quick detach swivel, MASH hook, HK hook, or Blue Force Gear U-loop.  They are not provided with the Constrictor.    




The Blue Force Gear VCAS and U-Loop, Magpul MS-1, MS-3 and MS-4, Ferro Concepts Slingster, Viking Tactics VTAC, Sheriff of Bagdad B-Sling, and Edgar Sherman Designs are registered trademarks of those respective companies and are referenced strictly for compatibility purposes.