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Meet the SlapJax!  The Atlas series bipods are common in the long-distance shooting community.  Unfortunately, the Atlas lacks quick-deploy legs causing shooters to avoid them.

This problem is behind our inspiration for the SlapJax.  You don't always have time for preset leg positions.

To fix this problem, we pioneered a solution to keep the legs stowed in the "up" position until ready for deployment. 

Install a set of SlapJax and stop fumbling with your bipod legs!

The SlapJax are precision machined from high-quality stainless steel. Bead blasted, and vibratory tumbled for a durable finish to minimize glare.

The SlapJax is currently available for the Atlas V8, CAL, and PSR series of bipods.  

The optional coyote posilock cord is for tying a pull lanyard to the bipod legs for quick deployment.  See our Youtube Channel for video instructions. 

Atlas Bipod and other accessories not uncluded.  Included in your purchase is a complete set of the SlapJax pivot system, proprietary hardware, and single use threadlocker.  

A 1/8" Hex and 5/32" Hex tools are required for installation, along with a small butane torch.  HELPFUL HINT: Don't skip the butane torch.  

Installing, or attempting to install, the SlapJax on your Atlas will void your factory warranty.  Users assume all liability.  Follow our installation video for best results.    


The Atlas V8, CAL and PSR bipods are registered trademarks of B &T Industries LLC and are referenced strictly for compatibility purposes.  Accuracy Driven LLC has no relationship with B&T LLC. 

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