The Constrictor

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Turn your quick-adjust tactical rifle sling into a tool to increase your accuracy.
Modern rifle slings have come a long way.  The best of breed are lightweight, durable, and provide a large adjustment range.  But if you think the way we do, your sling is more than a carry strap, it’s a shooting aid.
  1. Attach The Constrictor to your handguard.  Place the webbing hook of The Constrictor over the webbing of your sling to create a big loop.  
  2. Point your muzzle in an upwards direction, and place your support arm through the loop made by The Constrictor. Place tension on The Constrictor with the back of your arm.  
  3. Wrap your support wrist around the front of your sling in a counter-clockwise manner making the sling taut
  4. Assume your shooting position, allowing the sling to maintain tension between the back of your support arm and front of the rifle.  Relax your support arm, letting the sling do the work for you.    
The Constrictor is modular by design, letting you increase the effectiveness of your existing sling without buying a new one.  
Sewn in the USA of the highest quality 1.25" nylon webbing with a proprietary webbing hook.  The webbing hook is made from stainless steel with a bead blasted and tumbled finish that provides a durable finish with minimal glare


See the FAQs for a list of compatible slings.

US Patent 20200041227A1.


The Blue Force Gear VCAS and Viking Tactics VTAC are registered trademarks of Blue Force Gear and Viking Tactics and are referenced strictly for compatibility purposes.   

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